Tik Tok

It’s now just a little over 2 weeks before the year finishes up. It has been quite a year, too. I’ve straddled a tight work situation, pushed through a church merger, commenced a formal part-time course and managed to also go away to China and Malaysia for a holiday as well as have a great time with family who visited Melbourne.

Kiddo is coming to the pointy end of her school education and would have to be ready to swoop on Year 12 next year. I’m looking out and up as to what the next year holds in store – plenty of nerves but also hope that things would settle down work wise in one way or another. Tress too is weary of corporate life and commuting in and out of the city so like yours truly, she too is on the lookout for something else.

It’s now more than 6 years since we left Malaysia. My hairline is visibly higher, midriff visibly larger and little if any countervailing signs against the ravages of age to provide solace against the harsh march of time towards the inevitable. Tom Hanks was wrong and life is no box of chocolates. That doesn’t mean however that life can’t be sweet. If we but have some rest, and knowledge of a hope that awaits us beyond the Styx we will have more than mere chocolates.

In fact CS Lewis may well be right and we are in some sense, already in heaven. The “here and not yet” notion so apparent in the scriptures is probably played out in our lives on a daily basis and we taste heaven every time we live in the way our Creator intended . Simon Longden from Pioneers Australia spoke in our church not too long ago. He said the glory of God is whatever lets you see glimpses of God (or some words to that effect). A rainbow, a kind act, a sweet word, courage, rectitude, principled living, great food, fun family time – they all reflect the glory of God. What an insight, and what a way to describe the subject matter.

For the laboured manner we have passed through recent years, the road ahead is still long. There is as yet more opportunities to strive, to build and to seek God’s glory. I have a Stacy Kent album where my favourite song was/is “The Best is yet to come”. I have always enjoyed that song.