World Cup Villains – Dark Sith Lords of FIFA

With all the hullabaloos of the recent FIFA selection of far flung Russia for the next World Cup and an grog-free oven for the one after that, the spotlight has been trained on the 22 gentlemen of the FIFA Executive Committee who voted a few days ago.

Who were they, and were they representative of world football? Of the 25, 2 were suspended or banned (actually they should all have been) so that should have left 23, so I wonder if there was a third person suspended, or was either Blatter or Valcke a non-voting member?

Here’s the list of the persona dramatis:


1. Joseph S Blatter – Switzerland

Senior Vice President

2. Julio H Grondona – Argentina

Vice Presidents

3. Issa Hayatou – Cameroon

4. Chung Mong Joon – South Korea

5. Jack Warner – Trinidad & Tobaggo

6. Angel Maria Villar Llona – Spain

7. Michel Platini – France

8. Reynald Temari – Tahiti (suspended/banned)

9. Geoff Thomson – England


10. Michel D-Hooghe – Belgium

11. Ricardo Terra Teixeira – Brazil

12. Mohammed Bin Hammam – Qatar

13. Senes Erzik – Turkey

14. Chuck Blazer – USA

15. Worawi Kamudi – Thailand

16. Nicolas Leoz – Paraguay

17. Junji Ogura – Japan

18. Amos Adamu – Nigeria (suspended/banned)

19. Marios Lefkaritis – Cyprus

20. Jacques Anouma – Ivory Coast

21. Franz Beckenbauer – Germany

22. Rafael Salguero – Guatemala

23. Hany Abo Rida – Egypt

24. Vitaly Mutko – Russia

Secretary General

25. Jerome Valcke – France

One wonders why traditional football powerhouses such as Italy and Holland weren’t represented and why China wasn’t there whereas minnow countries like Guatemala and Tahiti made the list (ban aside). Maybe it is a zone based thing – Jack Warner for example represents the CONCACAF and Hammam represents the AFC.

Anyway – there you have it and it’s not hard to see why countries like England, US and Australia fared so badly, pitch strategies aside. The above countries aren’t exactly great fans of the old country and its new outposts of the empire and they would be only too happy to get rid of these candidates. The English bidding group have suggested that maybe the answer really is to expand the power base and make it more like IOC. On the one hand you’d think the English would say that given they succeeded with the IOC to bring the games to London in 2012. On the other hand, expanding the base would tend to eliminate shoddy practice which everyone is convinced is happening big time with the current mob.