Qatar Slicked Skippy

What were the overnight crowds at Fed Square thinking? Or more disturbingly, what was Lucas Neil thinking? He looked genuinely surprised and disappointed with the announcement of Qatar as the selected host for the 2022 World Cup. Or maybe more relevantly, with Australia’s loss.

Australia has an overwhelming tendency to overestimate its own position and role in world affairs. The fact that it is in Oceania, has a population smaller than many countries, is no where in world soccer, has its own domestic game pegged way down overwhelmingly below all other codes, doesn’t seem to affect its belief that it had a chance.

If the video for the campaign is an indication of its views and of how the game is played (the political side) then it is seriously mistaken, even worse than I imagined. A kangaroo skipping around with the stolen trophy and chased down by Hoges, sells absolutely nothing I thought. What was the FFA thinking? What was Mark Arbib the Sports Minister thinking? Lucas Neil the airhead you can excuse. But Ben Buckley, Frank Lowy and Mark Arbib? These were supposed to be smart people. Did they really think the video was it? Did they think that could substitute years of heavy duty networking and mutual back scratching?

Unbelievable. I am rarely embarrassed to be an Aussie but this time, I’m afraid I am. Just this once.