Holidays and Renewal

Sim and Daniel’s Down Under holidays finished up yesterday. Tress, kiddo and I have thoroughly enjoyed and cherished having them with us for that second week of their holidays. Seeing the kids blossoming so well was such an invigorating experience. Nicole, Isaac and Stanley are all bright, courteous and warm kids. After they left yesterday arvo, even Scruffy was feeling really weird at the quiet and downbeat house.

We left the airport just after 10am, and there was a massive jam on the Tullamarine Highway, with a multi-car pile up. Tress and I had each driven a car and she was right behind me as we both crawled through the snarling traffic. We eventually got out of the Tulla and got onto the Eastern which then became relatively painless.

I stopped by Blackburn to pick Kiddo up – she had been to school for her VCE Renaissance orientation. We then stopped to pick up my dry cleaning and then headed home. Tress started another load of laundry and we headed out for a quick lunch before returning to do some housework. Tress cooked for a couple from Church (who just had a baby) and I put Kiddo’s room back together again. She then moved her stuff out of the study (where she has been sleeping for a week) and took the opportunity to reorganise her stuff. She cleaned out her shelves and Year 11 stuff and generally made the room ready for even more serious work next year.

I in turn reclaimed the study, and I was vacuuming the house generally when I decided to duck out to the shed to get a citronella candle to smoke out the mozzies. That was when I discovered the miracle which had taken place in the shed – the place was swept clean and the mess cleaned out and organised. Daniel, Sim and Mum must have done it while I took the kids out to the beach. What a treat. I must tell them they could visit anytime if this is what I get in return!! It made it so much easier for me to think about sprucing out the shed – something I had planned for this summer all along.

I kept an appointment with a couple of guys that night and headed out to a steakhouse in South Yarra (Steer at the Olsen). The food was fantastic and the catch up was good. One’s an ex-colleague who’s now in a property investment trust and the other’s a colleague, who provided the updates on the latest office gossip to ease the catching up for yours truly.

I resumed my routine this morning – went into the gym this morning and the relief at seeing the scale not blowing helter skelter was almost palpable. I have enjoyed the meals and snacks with the holiday makers and was at times starting to wonder what havoc such indulgence was going to wreak. Things were more or less still under control but the workout was a laboured.

I got into the office and was combing through the piles of emails when I came across one from the Head of Department of BCV (Bible CollegeVictoria). I quickly clicked it open and opened up all 3 attachments, each with feedbacks to my exam questions. I’m just glad I got through and can now look forward to the next semester with some encouragement and hopefully some renewed vigour as well.

So, as the year draws to an end with the start of summer, all I can do is hope that next year will be better and it will be more apparent what that holds for me. I am in the meantime, thoroughly grateful for what I already have.