Tongues A-Wagging

A speaker in church today seemed to suggest that unless one prays in tongues one is unlikely to get results. That is totally incongruous to what I understand to be what makes prayer effective. James 5 (verse 16, I just checked) for example, says the prayer of a righteous man in effective, not prayer of tongues.  Generally the emphasis on tongues was unbelievably preached as though it was a prevailing truth in the scriptures, when in fact only a small part dealt with that subject, which is probably indicative of its significance.

I am reminded such funny teachings will likely persist in the context of my church, where the underlying propensity to these things continue to amber away. I don’t know what to make of it. I know my quest to be better taught in the scriptures is even more justified now. Certainly, through my current studies I have been introduced to Gordon Fee, and his work on the subject (such as this) is probably my summer reading material.