Cup Day Again

Another Cup Day has come and gone. Cup Day is exciting for me only because it is the first public holiday for us since way back in early June. These past couple of years we have been fortunate to have some time off in September. We were in China and Malaysia recently and last year, we spent a few days in country NSW and Canberra. Without this time off in September, it is a 5+ months’ haul on the trot. So Cup Day is a much welcomed break.

As usual in recent years, we spent the day in my mate’s home celebrating his son’s birthday. This year however, I took it easy and ate and drank very little. I have been working on BCV stuff earlier in the day (and the night before, actually) and really had to return to it after the party.

The party was chockers as usual. There were people everywhere and it became like a hippie commune before too long (minus the sex and drugs of course).

We got back around 4.30pm and took the little black jedi for a walk (to refresh ourselves) before settling down to some work. Tress, kiddo and I all took the walk and that must have both surprised and excited the little fellow. He looked really happy, as were we. Life felt good on Cup Day.