A Tour Guide, I am

It has been just over a month since my local church made the decision o merge with another church. It has been a long and challenging journey, and on our side it probably started about 4½ -5 years ago. On the eve of our holidays last month, members gave their “eyes” and we have also filed the necessary papers with the local regulators.

After the long journey, often involving pain and stress with leaders and members who for reasons unknown had chosen to oppose the proposal, the early days of the merger are now taking shape.

Running up to last months’ decision, both churches have come together on a monthly basis to meet together, on the last Sunday of every month. This will continue until both congregations start to meet as one in the same place, from December onwards.

The next combined meeting will be on this Sunday. The pastor had met with some of us last week and worked out some of the things that needed to be looked into.

A few hours ago I received an email from the pastor, setting out a detailed plan of programs and people responsible for them for the combined meeting. I was sort of relieved my name wasn’t in any of the tasks. Until of course I came to the last item. The job? A tour guide. I kid you not. One of my early tasks in this new church is to be a tour guide and bring people through the church premises.

I don’t know what made the pastor think I am suited to the job. I much prefer being in a corner somewhere with a book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other (or cup of coffee). Bringing groups of people around while talking incessantly isn’t a job I had ever thought of doing at any point in my life but there you have it. It is the strangest thing for him to be asking of me.

The only way to deal with this interesting turn of events is to meet the task head on. Forget about whatever sentiments or values the task implies and see it simply as something the pastor has asked of me. In fact my reading this morning was Matthew 25 and verse 23 said this. What a timely reference – now this is what I think the “word of knowledge” should be all about, and nothing more! A tour guide I shall be, and I shall give it my all.