Rooney and Fergie, Time to put feet up

Rooney’s departure looks like a certainty now. If and when that happens it will leave a hole in the United team the size of a hangar. No one comes close to being a possible replacement. Of the remaining current squad, Nani and Berbatov are probably the most talented but neither comes close to being an intimidating and fearful presence in the opposition final third. If Scholesy doesn’t play, there is probably no one else who can whack one of those raking passes cross field to catch the opposition totally off-guard. This means SAF would almost certainly have to buy anew come the January transfer window. Karim Benzema has been tossed around as a possible candidate but he has a terrible reputation work ethics wise, which would be a problem in the United set up. I guess this will again be a good episode to flush out those glory hunters and leave United to be supported by genuine football enthusiasts as opposed to mindless celebrity. It will certainly test the pedigree of SAF yet again. This test will be a stiff one, by all accounts. Maybe SAF will start to think age has finally caught up and he should at long last, put his feet up.

We have now lived in our current home for three years. 20 Oct 07 was when we first moved in. I remember simply by looking at my past blog entries – that’s the advantage of keeping a blog. I mentioned this to Kiddo yesterday morning and she said we should celebrate. It sounded fun and Tress was in for it so we went to our favourite little Thai restaurant not far from our home last night and had a nice little dinner. The last time we went there a waitress messed with a very good bottle of wine I brought with me and left pieces of cork swimming in that precious bottle. I had to bring it home to put it through a sieve – it changed the character of the wine but at least it was save, somewhat. This time around, I was running late so Tress got a very ordinary bottle – one that I had already opened but didn’t finish it in a hurry. It tasted just as ordinary, good food and great occasion notwithstanding. I barely made my way through that one glad and brought home the remainder, still unfinished. When we got home I made us some “Pu-Err” Chinese tea which was eminently more enjoyable than that very ordinary red. I put my feet up as I sipped the wonderful tea. I must be ageing although no where quite as badly as SAF and I certainly have no Rooney-type of issues.