JP and Sparks

During our holidays in Malaysia recently, Tress went through an old bag of clothes and stuff which we left in her parents’ home. It had some old clothes which we sometimes used as jammies when we’re there.

Also in that bag was a table top pewter business card holder, in the shape of Justice Pao Kong. It was something Chooi & Co gave all partners when I was there. For some reason I never brought it with me to Melbourne. That has now changed. A very grey Justice Pao now sits on my desk.

What JP also reminded me of, was another pewter memorabilia I had. My erstwhile boss Rudy Koh gave it to me when I was called to the Malaysian Bar. That was on 20 December 1991.

Nearly 19 years on, the law is now so mechanised to me. I have a query I look at the facts, research the law and commentaries, discuss the issues and provide a written opinion or draft the relevant documents. By and large this is what I do. This is what I have done, for close to 19 years now.

I still enjoy doing it to a degree, but it no longer makes me tick. It no longer gives me satisfaction or challenges me. It is all so mechanised now and I sometimes feel an electrician would have greater satisfaction running some cables through a building. But from where then do I draw my spark?