2 Little Boys

It has been nearly a week since we spent the last day of our holidays in Klang. This time last week, Tress took Kiddo to the hairdresser for a “game changing” hairdo (LOL). I was at home alone with Ben’s kids and had a whale of a time playing with them. Later that arvo Tress and I went to the sweathouse – the mee hook kueh joint in Berkeley – and had a great lunch. We went back and I played with the kids some more.

Later that evening we had popiah, then packed and got ready to leave. We were all a bit sad but Zack’s reaction was the cutest. Just as we were about to head out the door, he said his eye was hurting. We all wondered if he was just sad. He and I had become real mates – he was letting me crash his Ferraris and Mustangs and teaching me how to let those babies fly through the steps separating the dining from the lounge, and land right side up. His sister Megan was already an old hand at this but yours truly was too afraid of scratching those beauties. I was really touched he let me into his inner circle and play with his treasured cars so I gave it my all and crashed those babies with gusto. As a result, I earned his respect and we bonded. That’s why his eye hurt, I’d like to think. I miss him too… as I do our beautiful holidays.

The other fellow I got to know a little bit more was Little Benny. Goh Yu Jie was born in SuzhouChina in Aug 2009. We saw him for the first time during our holidays. They were going to call him Benjamin but Little Benny would do it for me. He’s a gorgeous boy – a manipulative little bugger who would clap his hands when reclining in the stroller and suckers like yours truly would trip over running to him to pick him up. Whoever gets to him first would regret big time five minutes later because though he is cute as one of Snow White’s little men, in actual fact he weighs more like Shrek. His Michelin limbs are real tests of strength for ours. Most of us give up before 10 minutes are up and reach our for stroller again. He’d try his reclining and clapping tricks again and we’d be sucked in again and the cycle goes on… I was grateful to oblige. What a treat it was to be spending time with him, his brother YY, and of course Mei, Goh and Mum.

It really was a fantastic holiday.