A typical start on a weekday

This morning there was unusually more people at the station. The weather remained not-so-balmy. It was about 7 deg – not too bad but still cool enough to make me wonder why I wasnt in bed. The train pulled up right on time which was good, since it has been late recently. Of the 5-6 who would be on the platform most morning, all are familiar faces. Most of them are tradies – plumbers, painters, sparkies (electricians) etc.  We’d all grab a seat on a separate row and either read or sleep…

The train would pull up at Melbourne Central a bit before 6am and I’d proceed to purgatory (ie the gym) to do my penance.

About an hour and a half later I’d be at Swanston Street directly in front of the RMIT, waiting for a tram like this one.

Most trams go my way – except nos 1 and 8 – and it’d be another say between 15-20 minutes before it’d pull up outside my office.

I’d read or listen to something on the way. Winter’s fine but in summer the non-air conditioned cars can become really awful.

This is where I’d pull up and do another round of penance.

I’d be locked up in here for the next 10 hours or more.

I have proof in my potato white limbs.

I dont see the sun…. 😦


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