Lead, Follow or Get Out Of The Way

Was it Clinton who repeated that very useful mantra?

I am just a tad fed up with some ex-church colleagues.  They throw general statements around, stomp out and then make pathetic attempts to light small fires  to get their way. What a load of rubbish. What a lack of personal character, let alone leadership qualities.

I was just saying to someone that quite frankly, we should stop wasting time with the likes of such people. They will attempt to vent whatever pathetic little voice they have left on whoever who would feel sorry or courteous to still listen to them. The smart ones would rightly think such views rubbish. We really should stop wasting time on these people.

By all means accept them with open and sincere loving arms when they decide to be smart about it and lose their little self’s that’s preventing them from becoming what they ought to be. Until then, we should all ignore them and move on.