A Fool of a Lawyer

That’s Alex Stewart from Brisbane. The 29-year-old must have thought it hilarious to video himself tearing up pages from both the Bible and the Quran and using it to wrap tobacco before proceeding to light up.

I know life’s often hard and one can always use a laugh and take oneself less seriously but life is also short enough to think about things more seriously and make it all count. This sort of just gives a free kick and show how foolish one can become if one holds on to atheism. Really if there’s no God, why take anything seriously?

Alas, God is. His word according to John, is Him. So it’s kind of really foolish to mock it the way this young lawyer did. It’s a bit like the Chaser mob maybe, where the mantra of life is – have a laugh. All else is secondary. One day, something will happen in their lives which will change this mantra forever. When that day comes, I hope people like Alex Stewart will have unburnt copies of the Bible around, to have a means of seeking what it all means.


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