The Swinging House

This Rob Oakeshott fellow has got to be one of those post modern guys who must appear, at all costs, to be one who has agonises over decisions he has to make. All we wanted – the nation wanted – was to know what the decision was. It is a given he has agonised over it, because fairly or otherwise, he was one of the three who has accidentally become the holder of the nation’s future in so far the government was concerned. He, Windsor and Katter did not deserve to hold that kind of power and it was bad enough we have had to wait and wonder if we were going to have a government or was it back to the polls.

To see him navel gazing and pontificating the way he did on Tuesday arvo was so very annoying. What’s worse, stuff he was advocating was just pure poppycock. How is the parliament to function – just gather around and talk even more endlessly than they have already been doing? Group hugs? I shudder at the potentially revolting inclusiveness of this variety.

That was Tuesday.

Yesterday, Tony Windsor had some issues with the mining tax. He wanted it included in the agenda of some tax summit with the Treasury but Swan had not plan to. So it was an issue and again magnifying glasses were raised to look for cracks in the “rainbow coalition” that is made up of 72 Labour, 1 Green, 1 Whistle Blowing anti-Iraq war Tassie in Andy Wilkie and 2 Independents which included the navel gazing tree hugger Oakeshott. What a bunch.

Today, it is the turn of the Greens to wake us up and remind us this rainbow is about to disappear soon. Bob Brown now is making noises about siding with the Coalition (not the rainbow variety) about matters such as parental leave scheme and healthcare. So potentially the 73 Coalition seats bolstered by the Westie Tony Crook may have Adam Brandt the Melbourne Greenman (it gets stranger by the day). That – at least for those issues Brown made noises on – brings it to a 75 votes each way tie.

Tomorrow’s Friday – thank God it’s Friday. Who knows – it may be a very short while before we go to the polls again. Phil Baresi my local candidate should not put his feet up too comfortably – the game may be back on again.