Dove? Love!

This Quran burning fiasco thought up by the Dove World Outreach Centre in Florida (it only happens in America?) is seriously misguided.

This phobia against all things Islamic has been played up by right wing America for so long now. I get endless streams of emails and youtube clips warning against the march of Islam. Often these emails are outright lies. Many recipients have foolishly forwarded these materials without making the simplest and quickest of checks. Kiddo once showed me the “Let-Me-Google-That-For-You” slap in the face type of site and senders of such emails should acquaint themselves with this facility.

We live in such angry and confusing times that clear thinking is more important than ever before.

I can’t understand how burning Quran can further the kingdom of God. Even if we are compelled to consider Muslims enemies, we have been asked – commanded – to love our enemies. The universal edict to love our enemies as ourselves requires an even higher standard of adherence when we are taught Jesus himself is love. Loving Muslims is not the same as believing or giving credibility to Islam or the Quran. In fact loving them is how we are to start sharing with them the gospel and the saving grace of God. If we are bloody minded in surging ahead with our chest thumping brand of Christianity and continue to initiate pogroms of sorts such as this. We are further than ever before, from reaching out Muslims with God’s love and be a bridge to share the saving grace of God with them. We have to start believing that when they see God’s love and saving grace, they will be lead by the Spirit to see the foolishness of man’s independent attempts to reach God, including via the Quran. Jesus asked us to be wise as serpents but harmless as doves. There can be no better context to apply this wise command from our Lord.