Give – really give – and you will be blessed

Every now and then it clicks and you experience it: It really isn’t about me and it really is more blessed to give than to receive. The Lord is right of course, as He always is.

My local church has been planning a stream of activities which if God allows it to all come to fruition, will see the end of a long chapter in that church’s history. Come decision time, we may well see the start of a new chapter. And so some of us have been thinking of closure in some of the things we have been doing.

For all the tiredness we often feel in carrying out various tasks, and for all the issues and stress we often feel, we really have been blessed.

When we are able to say it isn’t about me or what I want but it is about others and what is best for them, things can change dramatically. It isn’t about whether the legacy and history that has been created (which often is about us) continues to remain. It is rather, about whether God’s people grow in their knowledge oft their God, and whether they grow in obedience and submission to Him. If we dwell on how the church started and keep harping on what it was all about, we may well miss the point of what it should be about.

Looking ahead, the church can be better. It can be better if it is willing to take the step forward. It can be better if we give up what we can’t keep anyway, in order to receive what we can’t lose. The Lord said that too, didn’t He? We can’t keep history and legacy. When we move on either through death or other circumstances, those who come after us will be lead by God to do what God wants His church to do in most cases anyway – build each other up, preach the gospel and establish His kingdom. If what we seek to do now is to further those areas how far should history and legacy go to check that kind of progress? I say the less the better. When we give those up, we will be blessed in return – not in the form of good to us personally but in the form of what good it will do for the Kingdom of God – for His people.

If we are able to truly give, we will be truly blessed.