Changing Constant

It started to rain when I got on the tram last night. It gradually picked up and the rain got heavier. By the time I finished dinner just after 8 it had started to belt down and I think it hadn’t completely stopped till this morning. It was still raining – albeit lightly – when I got off the tram and walked towards the office this morning. The temperature however, ebbed quite a bit. It felt almost balmy this morning – probably hovering around the 12deg mark. So it looks like we’ve retained the good and discarded the “bad” – kept the rain and got rid of the cold… yay…

It is of course, the first day of spring today. Another winter’s come and gone. Another footy finals season is about to begin. Hawks scraped through and will play Fremantle this Sat. Good for maybe a couple more games at best but long on for Grand Finals, probably.

We’ve now gone through six winters since we left sweltering Malaysia. While on the one hand the acclimatization has made it easier to brave the cold, age on the other hand, continues to shake that fortitude. Thankfully a weather report I watched this morning

Last week the central ducted heating broke down and the very next day I took the afternoon off to attend to the repairmen. Leaving if for just a few days was totally unthinkable although we really could have dealt with it by just relying on perfectly effective column heaters. Theresa in particular needed to have the heater going gang busters and my total agreement has a lot to do with a much lower metabolic rate these days and absolutely nothing to do with my thinning top, I’m sure.

Six winters past, sixth spring is here and the windy sunny days of spring in Melbourne beckon. Whereas autumn in Melbourne is a glorious time, spring is less pleasant. Sydney as I remember it, was the opposite. It is sunny and warm there without the gusty winds, unlike Melbourne. For the sixth year we will experience the lashing winds of spring – something Tress gets unsettled over. Every year it is the same. The cold leaves and the winds arrive. Things are continuously changing but remain the same.