Oh Danny Boy

“Pray and act accordingly” alludes to exhortations in the bible for (particularly) the Israelites to repent, turn to God and live godly lives. The many instances of God likening Israel to an unfaithful wife for example, is a call of similar nature ie to turn back to God in repentance and live godly lives. That is the consistent theme running through the bible.

“Pray and act accordingly” is not, never has been and never will be a command by God for us to vote in a particular way in a country’s general election. To use that phrase and disguise one’s own preferences with a biblical call is to mislead and teach wrongly.

Danny Nalliah was wrong in 2007. When I first heard his “prophecy” in late 2007 I was as excited as thousands of Christians in Australia. I wanted John Howard to be returned to office. I have admired John Howard since my student days, when Howard was still trailing in the shadows of Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and even Andrew Peacock. I am also a great admirer of Peter Costello. I often regret and lament his absence from the Liberal and Coalition leadership.

Even though I wondered why Danny Nalliah attached the condition “if the people of God prayed and act wisely” (words to that effect) I sincerely believed his prophecy.

When he turned out to be wrong, I was willing to forget it. I would say Danny Nalliah was not a prophet and he should maybe continue his work as a pastor. He appears to be a good preacher so maybe he would stay within what God appears to have called him to do. I thought he would disappear from providing any leadership in terms of socio-political issues. I had thought well of him during the days when he was prosecuted under the anti vilification laws so I had only good thoughts of him then.

However he began to defend his so called prophecy by blaming Christians and church leaders instead. Apparently it was the fault of Christians and church leaders that the “prophecy” wasn’t fulfilled. Was it truly a prophecy or simply his thoughts which are reflections of his personal preferences for conservative politics? I cannot recall any prophecy in the scriptures where such conditions were attached. Danny Nalliah acted more like a pedestrian lawyer with an exit clause for quick release, than a prophet with a clear message from God. As many have said previously, if we were living in Old Testament days, Danny Nalliah would have been stoned to death for being a false prophet.

Danny Nalliah has continued the work of demonizing left politics. He is more an echo of American styled right wing politics than a servant of God. Danny Nalliah questioned if anyone who votes Labor can truly be considered as having a proper relationship with God. If this is not false teaching I would have to truly question every single evangelistic sermon I have ever heard. “Repent and Vote Conservative and you will be saved”, is what the likes of Billy Graham should have probably preached.

Why anyone would choose to give Danny Nalliah anymore time of day (for socio political matters) is really beyond me.

He would not entertain anyone who questions him in any way at all. His website famously would not post any comments which have anything remotely against him or question him and his website contents, no matter how innocuous and factual those questions may be. I suppose his excuse and guise is he does not want to be discouraged from fighting on for the Lord. My guess is he cannot stomach a true discourse of how to engage the world without compromising his beliefs. He simply does not know how to engage the world. He needs to be praying for wisdom, and forget about all the stuff he writes about anything concerning politics or social commentaries. He needs to appreciate facts and truth based on facts, a lot more.

Danny Nalliah is already a notorious target for saying the bushfires of 7 February 2009 is a result of ungodly laws passed by the Victorian parliament. Danny Nalliah is suffering as a social pariah and clown not because of his faith in Jesus but because of his own folly. Danny Nalliah is often incoherent and mixed up in his views and commentaries. Danny Nalliah cannot be trusted to provide leadership when it comes to representing the church or Christians. He cannot distinguish between pure and honest discourse and outright support. In the world of Danny Nalliah, to accord respect to a person and let him or her speak is to support and agree with that person. That is childish and immature and betrays old seated feudalistic baggage. When he goes on to chastise Christian leaders for doing this and implies that congregations of such leaders should throw such leaders out, he betrays a mindset and attitude that is scheming and manipulative and the mala fide nature that needs to be weeded out.

This is not about supporting Julia Gillard, in case Danny needs anymore spelling out. It is about setting out the facts clearly and fairly. It is about understanding the views of Australians who prefer Labor and engaging them from a Christian perspective. Equally, it is about engaging Australians who vote Conservative to see if they too can start to impart elements of compassion and fairness in their policies. These too are tenets of the Judeo Christian legacy and which are too often given the short stick by Conservative policies.

For a start, Danny Nalliah and his fans can maybe avoid what appears to be vitriol and have a look instead at: http://www.markconner.typepad.com