Parking on the Westgate

Tress and I tracked up to Point Cook yesterday (Sunday), to see a newborn of her cousin’s. U Jin became a grandfather for the first time about over a week ago. Adam and Faye’s firstborn was named Tian Ming and by all accounts he was a cute little baby.

We took off a bit after 3.30 and when we hit the Westgate we came to a grinding halt. A bad accident had happened just a few minutes earlier but by the time we saw the notice, it was too late. We were stuck. For the next hour, we made our way through the bridge on a crawling pace. I remarked to Tress that we should take the opportunity to take in the view of the Westgate from a stationary point, something we (thankfully) dont get to do too often.

We eventually got to U Jin’s. We shared a bite with them, saw the baby and left just before 7pm. The trek back was a lot smoother and we made our way home in under an hour, even though we cut through the city through Punt and Hoddle instead of using the M1.