The Pastor Your Pastor Shouldnt Be

Sorry for alluding to the really funny Old Spice ad again, but it was just really very funny and good.

The Pastor I refer to is of course, Pastor Danny Nalliah. He is the pastor your pastor shouldnt be.

After succeeding in getting his “prophecy” spectacularly wrong in 2007, he is understandably more cautious this time around. He is however, still trying to use his position to bully the church into voting conservatively.

To him and his troops, anyone voting to the left of politics is somehow being unfaithful and disobeying God. What a clown.

If he and his troops are so confident the Coalition is the answer to Australia’s social problems, why is it that John Howard and Peter Costello – the annointed ones of Danny Nalliah – presided over a tragic descent of Australian public mores? The Australia I came to in 2004 saw the peak of Howard/Costello powers. It also saw the height of Australian consumerisms, escalating drug and alcohol problems, deteriorating family values and glorification of self over community.

If Conservative policies are so Christian, why was it that the Howard and Costello years saw escalating crimes and breakdown of traditional values?

Rise up indeed Australia – stop being blinded by the likes of Danny Nalliah who has proven himself to be a false prophet. Look instead at the simple facts of what is on offer. That alone is enough in my mind, to come to the same conclusion, but without dragging the church through the quagmire of “word” and “visions and dreams” and “revelations” that for the most part is laughable if not also revolting.

If you local pastor takes up the cudgel ask him or her to pipe down and be a true pastor, not a false prophet.