Stick around for bonus credit

You know when they send you something like this, the competitors are about to introduce some very attractive alternatives.

Watch this space


Battles (not so) Royale

It wont be two Redhead-versus-gangly bumblling White Male battles on Sunday. If Claire was to be up against Callum in the Masterchef Grand Finale, it would be the more interesting of the Redhead V Bumbling Innocent battles.

The other one of course will be Julia Gillard V Tony Abbott.

Many have questioned JG’s unpalatable dumplings offered up to date. Abbott however, is difficult to like. He grates on you. In as much as I want to punish Labor for its wanton waste of my tax money and for being irrelevant, irreverent and spendthrifts, it is difficult to plonk also for an alternative which has proven to be stumbling from one badly pitched policy to another.

Well I know Claire will not be contesting the final so it is either Adam Liao or Callum. Will they let an Asian win this time? Callum would be the most unlikely winner though.