Pull…now hold it down…that’s it

I had thought about looking for other types of work for a while now. The idea isn’t just about leaving my present place although increasingly the return is fast diminishing. I’d often finish the day without being convinced that I had done something useful or meaningful. The push is really to seek out something which would have a more direct impact on the lives of others.

I’m shallow, yeah no doubt about it. I need to be able to see that direct correlation between what I do and its impact on others. If that nexus needs to be stretched to fit, I wouldn’t be able to see or appreciate it. That’s just me.

So I looked. But try as I do, I keep coming up with roles which are so similar to what I have been doing. It is only a matter of degree as to the effect or impact on others.

Maybe a stretch to fit approach is something I have to live with at least for now.