N Razak Please Go

This was an entry in Dec 08, before Najib Razak became PM of Malaysia. Malaysians should not stop pursuing what is right and seek answers to this massive blot on its history which hangs over the whole country.


We are drawing to the close of the year. Before too long in 2009, Malaysia is due to have a new PM. I understand this would be in March 2009. I sincerely hope the person currently waiting in the wings, would not become the Prime Minister of Malaysia. A Prime Murderer he may be, but a Prime Minister he must not become.

A person seeking such a high office must not only be clean, he must also be seen to be clean. There must be no question whatsoever about his mores. When a person has as much baggage as Najib Razak, when there are questions galore about his involvement with murder thus making him a man with blood on his hands, it is incumbent on him to satisfy the public and dispel all questions. He must show clean hands. Not just for the murder of the woman, but also the stealing of public funds. In addition to murder, there have been too many specific accusations against him, that he stole public funds by elevating defense spending to enrich himself. He has never provided satisfactory rebuttals which would stand up in the court of public opinion.

Najib Razak is still tainted with the blood of Altantuya Shaaribuu. Razak Baginda may have – albeit strangely – declared that Najib wasn’t at all involved in the murder of Altantuya, but the whole episode stinks to high heavens. The conduct of the Attorney General’s office and the police screams injustice, corruption and blatant disregard to due process let alone justice.

Bala has now disappeared. Rumour has it he is now in hiding in India, after his family was detained by the police the day after the statutory declaration (reproduced below) hit the internet.  He was offered money and sanctuary in India and he took it. Who wouldn’t?

If Najib Razak becomes Prime Minister, Malaysians will be beset with the stigma of a country which embodies lawlessness. He would be a walking reminder for all Malaysians that Malaysia is a country where the police, Attorney General’s office and courts are useless puppets who protects the rich and powerful and the PM actually can get away with murder. That would be a tragic turn for Malaysia. Malaysians don’t deserve that. Malaysian deserve a lot better than Najib Razak.