Winter’s Well and Truly Here

It is now the third week of winter. It feels colder this year. That is not what I had expected. Summer felt really long and hot, and last year’s winter was riddled with the effects of the swine flu bug which ravaged our family. So I thought it really couldn’t be worse this year, I was in fact looking forward to this. This winter however I have felt more vulnerable.

This past weekend for example, I have had my tummy tugging and pulling all weekend. Already a coldish weekend that constantly nagging sensation compounded matters and for most of Saturday and Sunday, I was just out of it.

Tress birthday on Saturday night was typically low-key. We went out to a fusion, friendly restaurant down at the O-zone at the Knox. It was a very good meal for all 3 of us and we then headed back home and worked at cozy-ing up to settle down for the night. Unusually, I had been tiring easily most of the day and the next day was also going to be a longish day. After church there was a barbie and a sports afternoon with Cornerstone and then there was a full moon dinner for a couple’s first born. It turned out to be a fantastic meal (at Gold Leaf on Burwood Highway) but my feeling unwell meant I kept away from the grog.

Thankfully it was a long weekend (Queen’s birthday) so we had Monday off as well. By then the bug (or whatever it was) had cleared up mostly so I could venture outside to tidy up the house. In fact between Tress and I we got the house cleaned up ok.

Actually I was just looking for something to distract my thoughts from the disappointment of seeing the Socceroos thrashed by a very slick German team. Mesut Ozil looks like a Bryan Robson in his prime, plus silky smooth skills to boot. His constant running and finding space was tearing the Aussies in the last third and his formidable skills in beating players or finding the right pass just shredded the already dreadful defence headed by the vacuous Lucas Neil.

So Tress and I spent the better part of Monday cleaning and tidying and had Scruffi with us most of the time. It was really good. We then went out for a little while to buy some groceries. It is indeed a blessing that the shopping centre is just a couple of minutes away – we can pick up something we need so easily.

We had bah kut teh for dinner and Tress cooked a couple of other dishes for freezing. I also managed to bring Scruffi for a longish walk – which tired him out so that all he did for the rest of the evening was stretch out in front of the heater and slept! We needed the heater less than him after the hot BKT but that didn’t last long. The temperature dipped a couple of degrees as we sat watching tele, no doubt heading fast towards the 2degree overnight forecast. We felt it. I felt it – the cold as well as (possibly) my age.