Action on Najib

Unfortunately every time I looked up Malaysian news, all I see are negative items. I see how a Prime Minister continues to be stained with allegations of involvement with murder. The fact that Najib Razak remains heavily implicated in the murder of a Mongolian national as a result of an illicit affair is an indictment that can only go away with due investigation and if supported by prima facie evidence, resignation and prosecution for murder or whatever the evidence supports. Prosecuting Najib Razak for murder is entirely proper but of course, well nigh impossible. In fact like recent writings suggest no one even remotely close to being an authority figure runs any risk of being hauled by the law. Many have gotten away with murder before, let alone a blue blooded Prime Minister like Najib Razak. One would have to penetrate through levels of highly corrupt police, attorney general’s office and the judiciary. In all of this, I wonder if the family of Najib Razak’s alleged murder victim can mount a campaign to bring international pressure to bear. Certainly overseas Malaysian Chinese can play their role to highlight the evidence tying Najib Razak to the murder of Altantuya Shaariibuu as a reciprocal gesture to the loyalists who remain in “tanah tumpah darah ku”. Maybe that is the little we can to and thwart or counter the process of thinning out the minority races in Malaysia. The likes of Najib Razak and his grubby UMNO twerps may want to thin out the minority races but no one should be allowed to get away with murder.