The tiring flip flops on the identity of my employer’s parent continue to unfold. Work done in preparation of the IPO up to maybe February this year, would probably have to be taken out to have dust blown off and worked on again. Prudential’s major shareholders have demanded a renegotiation following recent global financial market dips and AIG has said no to reopening negotiations. Prudential Board is considering its next move and unless it can convince it shareholders within the next 5 days, the deal will be binned and we will likely be looking at the IPO again.

This all just confirms my sentiments about working as an in-house lawyer for a corporation such as AIA. We are mainly creating reams of paper in reaction to events which happen thousands of miles away and will have so little effect on the lives of people around us. It just makes us feel nice and warm inside but what impact does it have on others? My work isnt the type which makes a difference to others, except maybe it affords little extras to my family. If I can live with that rationale alone I suppose I will toil on. If on the other hand our lives would not be affected in any way, I have to act on my growing conviction.