Same Old (ala May 10)

Same old, same old…  (see May 10)

Local church integration and pastor engagement plans moving ahead. Kiddo making progress in school. Work review potentially at cross roads. Man United missed out on pipping Liverpool in top placing finishes (Hawks sucks :-(…). Prudential’s rights issue suffered a schedule setback. Kevin Rudd took a beating at the popularity ratings.

The above are just some headings grabbing my attention in my life right now, and not necessarily in that order.

Actually K Rudd taking a beating would probably thrill me a lot and should probably rank higher in that list. My opinion of him has plummeted long before the latest polls results were released. He has increasingly come across as someone other than how he portrays himself. It feels like at the core, he is actually hollow – one who is without any guiding principles in life other than deliver what the mob wants or appears to want. In as much as he initially gave the aura of someone who has full of reform ideas to bring the country forward, it now looks like that aura was his intended perception and those ideas are nothing but headlines with no thought process as to how to flesh out the substance required for effective delivery.

Prudential continues to be the big brown bear in the corner in my workplace. It has wrought unhappiness in our regional office in Hong Kong and bits and pieces of that sometimes trickle down to give us all a bit of a spray. In any event, I am so bereft of motivation that I now want to either just bury my head and be mechanical about it all or look up to see what else can I do in a different place. I often feel like I no longer want to be sucked into this work sphere which tends to wring me completely dry.

Man United – what can I say? 4 in a row is always going to be extremely difficult anyway and we gave it as good a go as anyone else could. In fact I think no other clubs would have that ability to charge ahead the way we have. I am thrilled just for the fact that we were in the mix right till the final round. It looks like we are in no danger of having the Scousers get back in to go one better. They have well and truly been knocked off their effing perch (SAF’s word, not mine). Languishing (by their historical standards) at seventh is way too average and it is hard to see them mount a more serious challenge next year.  I should now add that the Hawks have been a total disaster so far this season.  Shocking. What gives, Alistair???

 Kiddo – all good. I am really happy with her recent progress.

 Local church – ditto. I think we’ve turned the corner.