Weekend Ahead

Tonight the usual crowd of between 8 and 10 will drop into our home for a home group meeting. Or, to be accurate, a cell group meeting. We’ve been looking at J I Packer’s “Knowing God” and will continue with this tonight. I have also been listening to Phillip Jensen from Matthias Media speaking (on CDs) on Holy Spirit. He had a very clear one on what he considers to be baptism of the Spirit. It is totally coherent and consistent stuff, easily deciphered and easy to follow. This is in stark contrast to the usual signs and wonders trails which are often convoluted and conjectural. I am inclined to circulate this CD the next time someone in my church suggests we needed a “second experience”. Phillip Jensen’s and Packer’s materials are just the sort of grounding I need to anchor myself against the “charismatic chaos” (MacArthur’s words, not mine) bobbing around me every now and then where I am now.

Tomorrow morning we (Tress, Kiddo and I) will make a little excursion across town to Flemington –towards the north west of the city. Kiddo has been waiting to try out a new guitar. Her Yamaha beginner’s model is getting a bit tired and too entry level (?) and she has been looking at a bit of a step up. A few weeks ago as a birthday present we thought we’d get her this Spanish made one. We tried the Almansa 403 in a shop and she loved it. It comes at a price which we don’t love and the guy in the shop recommended the Almansa 401, which is the next model down. It is a quite few moolah less so we decided to have a go. The drive to Flemington should take about 40-45 minutes. Let’s see if we can do something while trekking across city.

Some relatives are trekking from Adelaide tomorrow and will stay the night with us. If they arrive some time in the arvo we’ll drag them to this house warming BBQ in Rowville, maybe 20 minutes southeast of where we are.

On Sunday after church we’d be having a church lunch with some leaders from Cornerstone. We’ve been on a few dates now and Sunday’s lunch is to “get to know the relatives”. Then we’d have coffee with my cousin and her hubby from Canberra. They’re holidaying in country Victoria in Mansfield. Mansfield is some 3 hours away from Melbourne but that hasn’t deterred them from taking a day drive to town to meet up over coffee. That is fantastic energy. I’m sure their relative youth has something to do with it but the desire to catch up with family is such a fantastic characteristic to have.

So I guess the somewhat busy weekend will permit feet-up only late on Sunday arvo. Why do I suddenly feel tired again…