Moving In

We moved into Vicki Street on Saturday 20/10/07. I had taken leave from work the day before. There were myriads of things to do. I had also left work early on Thursday, to collect the keys from the real estate agent. That happened around 4pm and almost immediately after that, I went back to our old place at Hotham Retreat, picked up the vacuum cleaner and some scrubs and cleansers, and headed for a cleaning mission. I had no idea how to properly clean a timber floor. I vacuumed cleaned it at the first instance, and when it looked clean enough, proceeded with the other parts of the house. It didn’t help that a minor gout attack has been niggling all week. The attack lingered right through up until Monday morning, when to shake off the tiredness and to some extent the lethargy of the packing, moving, unpacking, sorting and yet more cleaning and tidying, I headed for the gym to do a quick 30 minute run and some stretching. 

Early Friday morning (on the eve of the move), I did some minor touch ups in Hotham. I was up at the usual time, and after a quick coffee and quiet time, I started by fixing up the smoke alarm. I then loaded boxes into the station wagon we had loaned from A Hooi the night before (along with some tools). By about 8am, kiddo was getting ready for school and after fixing her a skimpy brekky with what’s left in the pantry (some eggs and milo), I took her to school. I had to drive very slowly as the completely overflowing wagon was feeling like a wagon from some black and white western. I don’t know how many horsepower was on tap for a Commodore wagon but I was probably using just half of a very frustrated horse. The hurrying parents all sending their kids to school must have sworn at me holding up traffic as I practically tip toed to kiddo’s school.  It was just a blur after that – unloading boxes and touching up everything. I stopped for a quick coffee towards 11, and headed back to Hotham to dismantle the beds. In between dismantling beds, I loaded yet more boxes and waited for the fridge guys to call to let me know when they were going to deliver the new fridge we had bought to replace the much smaller older one.

That happened close to 1pm, after which I cooked the penultimate packet of instant noodle sitting in the Hotham pantry. Seldom does a packet of instant noodle feel so effective and satisfying.

It was back to the bed dismantling after that and as I’ve had practice with this task before, it was a whole lot quicker. The house looked in real shambles after that so I had to quickly rearrange the mattresses with the doona and pillows in a condition fit for one last night’s shut eye in Hotham. The bed ends and bases lay in different parts of the house and I then had to secure some bolts in the washing machine to get it ready for the move. That turned out to be a 2 person job as someone had to pull the drum of the washer forward as the bolt is secured at the back, so I went back to loading boxes. 

I picked kiddo up from school a bit after 3pm, and we went straight to Vicki again to unload more stuff. It was great to have kiddo with me – always better to work with someone else instead of alone. By about 5.30pm, I was almost flat as a Siberian battery so we headed back to Hotham. Kiddo and I sat down to a drink and watched “Deal of No Deal” for a bit before I hit the showers. Theresa got home a bit after that and we took more stuff to the house and went for dinner at Sofia’s – quick, cheap and satisfying…

After dinner we had wanted to go to church for a special session but I was very tired and there was more stuff to do so we went to the Vicki street house for a while before heading back to Hotham to spend our last night there. 

Saturday was again a blur – Theresa was up very early, I slept in a little later than her but was still at the kitchen sipping coffee by 6.30. We loaded the cars with more stuff then waited around for the removalist to show up.  At 8.30 I rang them and they said they would be there within the hour so Theresa and kiddo went off first. They dropped my dry cleaning off before heading for Vicki Street. I waited around, and loaded yet more stuff into the wagon. They showed up at 9.30 and for the next few hours, heaved, lifted and panted. The piano was of considerable challenge.

It was the same removalist we had used when we moved into Hotham and he had used a truck with a hydraulic lift before (when we did not have a piano) but this time he showed up with a larger truck but without that hydraulic lift (when we had a piano). So between the 2 of them and I we maneuvered and exerted with all our strength to get that piano onto that truck. Several times I thought my heart was going to fall out, as the piano looked like it was going to topple over. I should have trusted his expertise though as he did the job alright, even when we had to unload the piano into the study at Vicki Street. This morning that piano underwent a tuning process and hopefully kiddo would be happier with it. 

When the removalist had finished and has been paid, we tidied up a little (the rags and old blankets left a lot of fluff) and grabbed a quick lunch before heading back for more work. This time I had to assemble the beds back in order. Then it was to put the PC back into action, after being decommissioned since Friday afternoon. The cables, monitor, printer, webcam, microphones, speakers, modem, telephone, all had to be reconnected. When that was done and the PC turned back on ok with the broadband reconnected, I had to then move on to the audio visual stuff. When that was done, A Anne telephoned saying she wanted to drop in to let us have a wedding invitation. Matt was getting married to Aida on the 9th Nov at St Patrick Cathedral in East Melbourne. They came by, sat around and chatted for a short while. I was conscious of the fact that I was sweaty and probably didn’t smell too well but what the heck. 

By around 7pm we hit the wall again and so freshened up and went to “Proud Peacock” a restaurant in Glen Waverley we have come to love recently, for a quick meal. We then went to A Hooi’s to return the wagon. A Anne was there so we stayed and chatted for a while. It was almost midnight when we left. I woke up on Sunday morning with a very heavy head and a swollen middle toe. It was going to be a hot day – it turned out to be the hottest October 21st for the past 80 years – with a forecast maximum of 33 deg. By around 8.30 am as I was moving some empty boxes into the shed at the back yard, it had already hit 25 deg. We all decked out in short sleeve cottons to head to church and when I got there and was asked to help with the communion, I could feel both my toe and my head sweltering.  Church turned out to be pretty good. The youth – Ray and Eugene – did a fantastic worship session and David Searle finished off the last of his 4-part series on the 7 churches of revelations, with a bang. By the time we left church close to 1pm, my head was pounding and I told Theresa I couldn’t head to Hotham for the vacuuming, as originally planned. We went home, I cooled down and rested for a bit and allowed the headache to clear before heading out to Hotham again, just after 3pm.

We spent a couple of hours there vacuuming, and tidying and finished just before 5pm.  We headed back to Vicki, I started on dinner, did some ironing and then ate the first home cooked meal as a family, in the new home. We then made a virginal go at the dishwasher and settled down to watch the John Howard and Kevin Rudd debate. Or rather, I did. Theresa went to dreamland within 5 minutes of the debate and kiddo was in the study, finishing off her homework. I packed lunch, got my clothes and gym back ready for the morning and crawled into bed just after 10pm, probably falling asleep within 10 minutes. It has been a long weekend but hopefully, the start to a phase where we can bless others through our new home.