BPR (ACA) Should Investigate Itself

I was at a very busy intersection in the middle of the city (KL) this morning, when all a sudden, a familiar but painfully annoying blast of siren screamed its way through. It was one of those bullying out-rider cops, making the traffic on that intersection freeze immediately.

The fuss?

Some 45 seconds later, a BPR coach and another BPR van drove through. Now isnt this a bleeding abuse of power? What do we do when our anti corruption agency appears to be abusing power itself? Why cant they wait for the freaking traffic to clear and wait their lives away like everyone else in KL?

It’s no use to say I am p#$sed off, is it? Shrug of the shoulders, say Sh#t happens, especially here in KL, and move on?

“So, I commend the enjoyment of life.” (From the Bible – really. Eccl 8:15)


2 thoughts on “BPR (ACA) Should Investigate Itself

  1. hehe.. i guess most KL drivers have gotten pretty much immune to it. it doesn’t bother us that much anymore :PCheers!!! 😀


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