Anwar’s Acquittal – Judiciary Independence Back?

This is a mixed result. The Malaysian judiciary is in a no-win situation, largely due to its own doing in allowing the previous administration to boss it. While the succesful appeal is obviously good not just for Anwar but for the judiciary and therefore the whole country of Malaysia, it also shows the judiciary is to a large extent, beholden to the executive. The executive is now helmed by a more docile leader who needs this result, so this action on the bench isn’t one of great courage or integrity. What it should have shown was its principles and resolve, when the executive was headed by a less respectful leader. That, it failed to do. It is still, in my mind, a bench that would rule as others see fit.

“So, I commend the enjoyment of life.” (From the Bible – really. Eccl 8:15)